Limon Cicegi Kolonyasi (Turkish Lemon Cologne) by Pereja

Limon Cicegi Kolonyasi (Turkish Lemon Cologne) by Pereja

This Turkish eau de cologne is sunshine in a bottle.  It is my favorite eau de cologne, and what’s even better is that it costs almost nothing. Easily you can purcashe from

I’m usually not wild about eaux de colognes because I think they’re boring.  Stuff like Jean-Marie Farina and 4711, though they smell okay, bore me to tears.  Pereja’s lemon cologne, on the other hand, is a fragrance I adore.  “Lemon cologne” is what Pereja calls this, but I can assure you this is a lot more than just lemon.  This is a beautiful citrus fragrance that has some complexity, courtesy of its use of beautiful soft floral notes.  Its scent is similar to Acqua di Parma Colonia, only much less concentrated, and obviously about 1/20th the price.  How awesome is that?

This is meant to be splashed on liberally, and its scent is so fresh and natural smelling, it is impossible to over apply.  No one would ever be offended with this cologne, even if you bathed in it.  I use it as an aftershave, which it does admirably, and a splash on cologne.  When applied liberally, I can smell it for about 3 hours, which is pretty good for an EDC.  But don’t be afraid to keep reapplying this, because it is dirt cheap.

Pereja’s cologne smells like summer on the Mediterranean sea.  It is a beautiful scent for either men or women, and you will ALWAYS smell good wearing it.

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