Light Up Your Australian Home With Turkish Culture Through Mosaic Lamps
Before electricity was invented, the flame was the sole device used to light up interiors at night for many centuries. Be it wax candles, oil lamps or flame torches, access to light at night was considered a luxury and a symbol of the family’s social status in society. Before long, glass oil lamps were invented and as cultures evolved, decorated oil lamps became available for sale. Turkish lamps are covered by numerous tiny pieces of coloured glass. The designs of mosaic lamps are often intricate and can bring about different mood and ambiance into the homes they are used in.
Why Buy Turkish Mosaic Lamps Online
Celebrate Muslim-Ottoman culture in multi-cultured Australia when you buy a master crafted Turkish lamp in store or online. These beautiful mosaic lamps were first created for use by royalties in the past, gradually permeating the nobilities of those eras, eventually transiting from a symbol status to domestic and decorative uses. Depending on the mosaic design, Turkish lamps can provide different atmospheric effects for the room.
From six-point stars to flowers, and a myriad of colours, you will have a whole variety to choose from to complement the rooms you are designing for. Whether you are looking for a complementary lamp for home décor purposes, a stand out but functional decorative lighting piece, or just a unique gift for someone you care about, our Turkish mosaic lamps are just the thing for you.
We Deliver Turkish Lamps For Sale To Your Australian Address
Here at Turkish Store, we have a full range of mosaic lamps for sale which you can buy easily online. Our mosaic lamps are all intricately handmade and produced in our workshop in Istanbul and are shipped out after having been tested for safety in Australia. Browse our Turkish kitchenware and traditional rugs today to experience an authentically Turkish culture in the land down under.

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