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Social gatherings are an integral a component of our culture. We enjoy preparing the foremost delicious traditional foods and coming together with our family or just discuss issues with folks that we value. That’s why Majlis isn’t only a sitting area, but also it’s the reflection of a desire to host guests in heat. Majlis is called under different names at different locations like Jalsa, Şark Köşesi or Sedir. But the culture behind it is the identical. It’s our common heritage that we’ve been forming for many years.Traditional design: the way to design the right Arabic Majlis
The Arabic Majlis could be a unique room that exemplifies the traditional culture. it’s the standard place where home owners their guests within the house. thanks to this, the Majlis is commonly designed with long visits and long talks in mind.

The Majlis shows how the Arabic culture has influenced architecture within the area. a conventional Arabic Majlis could be a reception, a front room and an occurrence hall, all rolled into one. This shows hospitality yet as ancient traditions.

It is designed in many interior design styles, contemporary, classic, traditional or perhaps a combination of various styles. the colour and also the design are important in fact, however, the foremost important element in Majlis design is that the ambiance.

In history, the Majlis was designed simply with some comfortable cushions for floor seating and yet it still exuded a welcoming atmosphere.

Here are some tips to assist you design the proper Arabic Majlis.

Nonetheless, people should feel welcome within the Majlis, they ought to be able to talk and connect with each other, this is often the most purpose of the space in any case.

So seating must be designed with coziness in mind. People should be ready to sit comfortably and talk for an extended time. don’t leave large empty spaces between the sofas so people from different seating areas can ask one another without having to shout or strain their necks.

Elegance could be a must
Elegance may be a must

The Arabic Majlis is where you welcome your guests, thus in line with Arabic rules of generosity and hospitality, it must be the main elegant room within the house.

It must reflect hospitality particularly else. Luxurious sofas that invite people to sit down comfortably for while an abundance of small tables for drinks and dates served regularly, and plush carpets that make guests feel comfortable enough to require off their shoes.

A place to attach
A place to attach

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floor cushion set- majlis

In times when such an appliance could be a necessity to look at a very important event or such, use a transportable one that may be rolled in and out of the space. this means that the screen isn’t the room’s main focus; it’s only there to serve a brief purpose.

Decorate for atmosphere
Decorate for atmosphere

The people are the focus of the Majlis and not the furniture or the décor. So keep that in mind.

What the space lacks in color you’ll play with natural materials and rich fabrics, think understated elegance.

If you wish to feature a splash of color you’ll always add some indoor plants, plants add life and color to any given room.

And keep the lighting bright and comfy, you would like people to be able to see one another, whether or not they’re sitting far-flung.

And remember that you just are designing an Arabic Majlis, so adding an Arabic pattern to the walls or the furniture may be a superb concept that adds consistency to the décor.

Welcoming from the beginning
Welcoming from the beginning

Since the Majlis often has its own separate entrance you have got to style a welcoming entryway.

This usually starts with an oversized door, sometimes even bigger than the house door, a door that actually calls to guests to return in.

Another important element of the entryway could be a chic cupboard if you follow the Arabic tradition of keeping shoes out of the house. don’t leave shoes lying around because it may ruin the elegant décor you’re presenting. Instead, use a chic cupboard where people can leave their shoes out of the way.

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